¡Todo listo para conversar en Inglés este martes 23 de marzo a las 3 pm (hora de Caracas)! Conéctate por Twitter, Facebook o YouTube

Este martes 23 de marzo, conéctate a una nueva emisión de Time Firsts, la serie de documentales digitales sobre mujeres que han cambiado el mundo. Esta semana, con la participación de la cineasta Spencer Bakalar, abordando la vida de la comediante Ellen Degeneres.

Para participar en la emisión en vivo sólo tienes que ingresar a cualquiera de nuestras plataformas en Facebook, Twitter o YouTube (la que prefieras) este martes 23 de marzo, a las 3:00 pm.

¡La oportunidad es perfecta para practicar el idioma! Media hora de conversación en vivo en inglés, con hablantes nativos, en la que además puede participar comentando y enviando preguntas a traves del chat.

¡Te esperamos!

FECHA: Martes 23 de marzo 2020
HORA: 3:00 a 3:30 pm


http://www.twitter.com/cvalasmercedes o


See you there!

Join us on Tuesday March 9th at 3:00 pm (Caracas time) and get inspired by women who are changing the world in a new episode of the #TimeFirsts series.

They are athletes, artists, musicians, astronauts, politicians, scientists, entertainers, moviemakers… and they are changing the world!

March is Women’s History Month so join us and get inspired by the lives, times and accomplishments of six groundbreaking women and the women who tell their stories.

Every other Tuesday in March and April you are invited to an exclusive digital screening of a short documentary from the #TIMEFIRSTS series followed by a lively conversation (in English) with the director of each one of them. 

Upcoming on
March 9, 2021
3:00 – 3:30 pm (Caracas time)
livestream and conversation with director Diane Tsai

Serena Williams is an American professional tennis player who in 2002 became the no.1 champion of women’s tennis, winning 39 Grand Slam titles and reaching the no.1 world ranking in eight separate occassions.

This virtual event will be livestreamed simultaneously on all of Centro Venezolano Americano’s social media platforms: 




So join us for a lively and free half-an-hour conversation to practice your English, and make sure to send all your questions on the chat roll to be answered live during the program.

Be a part of a global conversation! 

See you there.